Image designby Hoytz, London 2012.


Comoray has demonstrated its ComorSense technology at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona (2014) on a smartphone.

The technology comes with a toolkit that can be used for a large variety of wearable and wireless applications. A typical product comprises of three modules (see figure below). The first concerns the platform-dependent data extraction of photoplethysmogram (PPG) signals from vision or other sources. The second module takes care of user handling effects by signal enhancement. The third performs the data analysis and body modelling. The total is a fixed-point-mostly C implementation with an executable taking less than 100kB and can be easily fitted to different platforms by exchanging the first module.

The ComorSense technology is capable of extracting heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, saturated oxygen and acidity by batches or streams of PPG signal samplings. Each measurement starts with one or more shots to guide the user into a correct use, followed by about 12 seconds for stable data capture. The data will usually be within 5% of alternative measurements on freely available medically-approved of-the-shelf devices.

The product is currently demonstrated by reflective vision sensing on a smartphone application, but is not limited to this. For instance, electrical sensing on a smartwatch is also supported.

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