Image designby Hoytz, London 2012.

Technology Overview

Comoray has created a solution that helps people to read, monitor & track personal health data themselves; non- invasively, cost effectively and simply by using their smartphone.

We utilize smartphone technology to view at the use's blood flow to determine the "4 critical factors" _heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen usage and acidity_, the general status of heart, lungs and arteries that every physician is curious about. Separately it determines specific substances, as transported in the blood.

Our first product/service operates on a smartphone's inbuilt camera & LED light source alone, here the user of the mobile application is able to determine core blood values (the so-called "4 critical factors") from the human blood stream using nothing else but their smartphone.

Comoray ultimately envisions creating a healthphone with an accuracy level to rival the medical field. With the current smartphone's lenses & LED levels this is still an image of the future but one that new smartphone developments are working towards.

This will culminate in further application developments with the capacity to authenticate individuals by 3D modelling of a person's unique blood vein structure, a valuable development for use in high security fields, private/national safety and corporate areas.